Making November a Prime Time to Sell Your Home

Making November a Prime Time to Sell Your Home

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prime time to sellNovember is here. Thanksgiving is looming, and Christmas is just weeks away. Many feel that this is the wrong time to sell a home. However, in recent years, more and more buyers begin looking in the fall. Nonetheless, it can be more challenging to sell your home in November, which is why you should always start the process by finding a good agent who has a strong buyer’s list. Keep in mind, that regardless of the season, people will need a home. Here are some tips to help you make November a prime time to sell your home.

Fit Their Lifestyle

The important thing is to help any potential buyers see themselves living in your house. You will be more likely to sell the home if you can make them feel comfortable sooner. Try to make the house fit their goal lifestyle.

This is very true for homes on the higher end of the scale. People looking at homes selling for $3 million-plus want them to look like they are from a magazine. This means you should make your homes look as perfect and immaculate as you possibly can. Not very many people want to work on the house once they buy it. So you make your house feel like it needs as little work as possible.

It is also recommended that you bring in professionals, such as an interior designer or a landscape architect. They can help you redesign your home and make sure it looks fresh. Even relatively new buildings might need major attention. The reason for this is that homes that are 7 – 10 years old are already pretty outdated.

Sometimes a high-end renovation is just what is needed to make November a prime time to sell your home. Be sure, however, to consider the return on your investment.

Add Warmth

Although Florida weather is still warm in November, temperatures do drop and daylight hours decrease. This makes it important to capture any light you can and to make your home seem warm. A good option for this is to light some fall scented candles.

Focus on the Exterior

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. Remember not to neglect your landscaping. With the warm Florida weather, it is important to do some exterior staging and landscaping. Buyers are looking for homes in which they can live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Add Some Pop

Once they get inside the house, buyer look for something with more pop than they have seen in the past. People are tired of grays and whites. They now seek style and a wow factor. They want color. Try using accent walls or accessories. These tend to be good way to have an updated look without needing to do anything permanent.

Just because you’re trying to make November a prime time to sell your home, don’t paint anything using traditional fall colors, like deep red or orange. Those will make the house look dated in any other month of the year.

Remember, you are trying to make your home feel exciting and modern. Make sure that all of the renovations and colors are of high quality and reflect the current trends. Potential buyers will love it if you do.

To learn more tips about making November a prime time to sell your home, give Affiliated Homes a call. We look forward to helping you sell your home quickly and easily.

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