Spring Landscaping: 10 Tips To Prepare Your Home

Spring Landscaping: 10 Tips To Prepare Your Home

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spring landscapingAlthough Florida winters are milder than many areas in the United States, winter is still not a great time to work on the curb appeal of your home. With spring on the horizon, now is the right time to think about adding some beauty to your home’s exterior. Here are ten tips to help you prepare your home for spring landscaping.


In addition to understanding the Florida climate, you will also need to understand your yard’s climate. Think about how much sun and shade your yard receives. This will help you pick the right plants for your spring landscaping projects.


Spring landscaping projects will go more smoothly if you do a little research before you head to the nearest nursery or home improvement store. If you are unsure how to get started, ask a professional landscaper or a neighbor with a beautiful yard.


Wildlife and insects can ruin a spring landscaping project. Consider what types of issues you have and plan accordingly. You may need a fence or plants that ward off pests.


Although it is possible to put in plants any time of the year, they will do much better if you plant them during the suggested times. A good way to determine when a plant should go in the ground is to look at websites or ask local gardening experts. If you want to add something that should be planted later, simply leave that spot open for the future.


Understand how big plants grow and plan for that growth. Spring landscaping projects can get completely out of hand in six months because tiny shrubs turn into giants blocking the living room window. Look at the height and growth information that comes with each plant. Be sure to consider where you place the plants and how much maintenance they will need to remain the size you need them to be.


Spring landscaping projects are not a one-and-done kind of project. Instead, you will have to weed, water, prune, and even replace plants. Make sure that you plan a garden that fits your maintenance style, as well as allows easy access for maintenance activities.

Types of Plants

Consider plants that fit the type of maintenance you wish to do. If you prefer a low maintenance yard, then you will need to pick low maintenance plants. Professionals can help you find plants that fit your maintenance style as well as fit the style of your home.


If you feel stuck, considering looking at the landscaping around your town. See what you like and add those features into your own spring landscaping project. You can also look at home and garden magazines or watch home and garden shows on TV. Even looking at the many plants in a local nursery can inspire you.

Create a Map For Your Spring Landscaping Project

Once you’ve researched the types of plants you want, it is time to map out the area in your yard. Think about people, lawn equipment, and home maintenance projects and how they will affect your landscaping. As you stake out the positions for your plants, be sure that they won’t obstruct the view from inside your home.

Add Contrast

When you add landscaping, it should enhance your home. One way to do this is to add color that contrasts with your home. Always create a spring landscaping project that is in harmony with your home’s exterior features.

Spring landscaping projects can be rewarding. By following these ten tips, you can increase the curb appeal of your Florida home and enjoy outdoor living all year round. Call us today for more tips on increasing the curb appeal of your home.

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