5 First Time Homebuyer Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // May 2, 2018

first time homebuyer

As you begin to think about buying your first home, there are many things to consider. Here are five first time homebuyer tips to help the home buying process go more smoothly. Understand the True Costs of Homeownership As a first time homebuyer, you may think you can afford to own a home simply because […]

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2018 Homeowners Changes To Income Tax Deductions

Posted by Lee Anderson // April 25, 2018

income tax deductions

There are many changes to income tax deductions for homeowners because of a new tax bill. Here is an outline to help prepare you for this coming tax season. #1: Home Equity Loans Prior to 2018, you could deduct interest on home equity loans worth up to $100,000 if you were a homeowner. This is […]

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Self-Employed Home Office Deductions for 2018

Posted by Lee Anderson // April 18, 2018

home office deductions

If you create a home office in 2018, you may be able to take tax deductions for some of your current housing expenses. If you use a dedicated home office regularly, then you should check out these home office deductions. #1: Home Office Deductions Criteria Eligibility for home office deductions requires that you use your […]

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3 Homeowner Tax Breaks You May Forget

Posted by Lee Anderson // April 11, 2018

tax breaks

If you owned your own home in 2017, you might qualify for some tax breaks. These tax breaks can help you balance the cost of homeownership. Of course, in order to take these tax breaks, you must itemize your deductions. If you take the standard deduction, then these tips will not benefit you. Beginning this […]

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10 Tax Deductions On Your Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // April 4, 2018

tax deductions

There are many tax benefits that come with owning a home. This begins from the time you purchase it to the time you sell it. Here’s a summary of the tax deductions still available for your 2017 tax returns. #1: Interest On Your Mortgage                                                                                  The mortgage interest that you pay for your home is tax […]

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Need To Get Pre Approved For A Mortgage Loan? Here’s How!

Posted by Lee Anderson // March 28, 2018

pre approved

By getting a pre approved mortgage, you create the best possible shot to buy a home.   By giving you this pre-approval, the lender is ensuring to the seller that are creditworthy. They are saying that you have the opportunity to borrow money at a fixed interest rate. This promise allows sellers to see your trustworthiness, […]

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Low Money Down First Time Home Buyer Programs

Posted by Lee Anderson // March 23, 2018

low money down

For many first time home buyers, saving enough money for a traditional 20% down payment is difficult, and in some case, impossible. That’s why you should consider looking at low money down first time home buyer programs that can offer assistance. FHA Loan With this type of loan, the Federal Housing Administration provides insurance on […]

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8 Mortgage Tips for 2018

Posted by Lee Anderson // March 21, 2018

mortgage tips

All signs point to another great year for real estate. So, if you are buying a home or thinking of refinancing, you’ll want to keep these mortgage tips in mind for 2018. Tip #1: You May Not Need 20% Down Traditional loans often require up to 20% of the purchase price of the home for […]

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Prequalification vs. Preapproval vs. Loan Commitment Letter: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Lee Anderson // March 14, 2018

loan commitment letter

When buying a house, you have the option of getting prequalified or preapproved by your bank. Having this kind of documentation will help you secure your dream home. However, some sellers are asking for even more in the form of a Loan Commitment Letter. All these are very important, but do you know the difference? […]

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Improve Your Credit Score By Following These 7 Easy Steps

Posted by Lee Anderson // March 7, 2018

credit score

Image by:; License: While a good credit score was always important when you plan to buy a house, it now takes a front seat in securing a mortgage. FICO scores of 720 to 740 are typically required by the conventional lender, with an FHA loan needing a score of at least 580. With this in […]

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