Expenses to Consider When Renting Out Your Second Florida Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // December 25, 2019

second Florida home

Do you have a second Florida home that sits unused for portions of the year? If you do, you should consider renting it out. You could offer a long-term lease or short-term stays through sites like Airbnb. However, there are expenses that come with opening your property to renters. Experts say that many first-time landlords […]

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Investment Line of Credit: One Way to Finance Your Florida Getaway

Posted by Lee Anderson // December 18, 2019

investment line of credit

Over 720,000 home buyers purchased vacation properties in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). That same year, Florida had the largest stock of second homes with 15%, or 1.1 million, of all second homes. People have many reasons for buying vacation properties. Some want a place for the dual purpose of a […]

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Tips for Buying a Second Home in Florida

Posted by Lee Anderson // December 11, 2019

buying a second home

How often do you travel to Florida? It might be cost-effective to purchase a home in the area if it is more than once a year. You would save money on accommodations. Plus, it would also give you an investment that you can rent out or sell later for a profit. It makes even more […]

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Buying a Winter Home in Florida: 5 Good Questions to Ask

Posted by Lee Anderson // December 4, 2019

buying a winter home

Many people consider buying a winter home in Florida to escape the cold winters further north. This is especially true for those who have retired or no longer have children in school. However, buying a winter home in Florida is not the right answer for everyone. To determine if buying a second home makes economic […]

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7 Christmas Home Staging Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 27, 2019

Christmas home staging

It is the time of year that is packed with holiday parties as you make room in the budget for gift-giving. For many people, this is not the season for real estate. However, any buyers that are looking during the holidays are serious about buying a house. You can make them want to spend the […]

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Making November a Prime Time to Sell Your Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 20, 2019

prime time to sell

November is here. Thanksgiving is looming, and Christmas is just weeks away. Many feel that this is the wrong time to sell a home. However, in recent years, more and more buyers begin looking in the fall. Nonetheless, it can be more challenging to sell your home in November, which is why you should always […]

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4 Tips for Home Selling in Autumn

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 13, 2019

home selling in autumn

The winter months have traditionally been the hardest in the real estate world. They recorded the lowest home sales for years. All of winter is generally a dull period for sellers. However, things have slowly been changing, making home selling in autumn something to consider. Sellers have been setting lower prices for their homes since […]

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November: 4 Reasons This is The Best Month To Sell Your Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 6, 2019


Homeowners sometimes don’t want to put their homes on the market between Halloween and New Year’s Day. They seem to believe that November, which starts the holiday season, is an off-peak time to sell. This idea is because of some outdated historical trends. Several studies, in fact, have shown that homes listed during this time […]

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The Best Home Renovation Projects to Consider

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 30, 2019

home renovation

Home improvements don’t all have the same return on investment (ROI). Doing the best home renovation projects can add to your home’s: Comfort Looks Security Value Marketability The wrong ones do the opposite. Location is a big factor in what would be the best home improvement project for you. For example, pools bring in a […]

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5 Living Room Remodels Worth the Cost

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 23, 2019

living room

You will adore having a remodeled living room. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large-scale project or only a do-it-yourself thing. You’ll love it even more when it’s time to sell your home. Living room projects have a high return on investment (ROI). Here are a few living room remodel ideas that are sure to […]

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