8 Useful Home Selling Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 23, 2020

home selling tips

You’ve decided to sell your house and there’s so much to do. There is also plenty that you don’t know. Need some ideas on where to start? Here are eight home selling tips to help you prepare. 1. Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent Almost 90% of home sellers hire a real estate agent, which […]

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Legal Things to Understand When Selling a Florida Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 9, 2020

Florida home

It is different selling a Florida home than selling one in any other state. This is both in terms of laws and traditional procedures. Here are some important facts to know. Contract Forms Used for a Florida Home Sale Most Florida home sellers or their real estate agents use: FR or Florida Realtors, formerly Florida […]

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Costs Associated With Selling Real Estate in Florida

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 26, 2020

selling real estate

There are a lot of things to consider before putting your home on the market. What is the value of your home? How quickly do you think you will be able to sell? What is the status of the real estate market in Florida right now? There are plenty of factors that will change that […]

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When is the Best Time to Sell a Home in Florida?

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 12, 2020

home in Florida

Late spring or early summer is the best time to sell a home in Florida. This is when school is out and people are wanting to buy. Florida, however, is different than other places. It also has great weather in the fall and winter that can help form a good selling market. Florida’s real estate […]

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Understanding Capital Gains Taxes on Real Estate Sales

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 29, 2020

capital gains taxes

You owe capital gains taxes – the difference between what you paid and what you sold them for – when you sell a stock, bond, or mutual fund. The same is true with selling a Florida home. There are some special considerations, however, you must take into account that are specific to real estate sales. […]

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5 Tax Deductions When Selling a Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 15, 2020

tax deductions

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed some of the rules for homeowners. Rest assured, however, your tax deductions when you file with the IRS can still be a sizable amount if you are planning to sell your home. Here are five things to consider. Selling Costs These tax deductions are allowed as long […]

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7 Steps for the Home Buying Process

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 1, 2020

home buying process

It can be overwhelming exciting and stressful to buy a home. It can take weeks, or months, to find your next home. We want to help you through the home buying process. Just know that we are with you every step of the way. 1. Get a Mortgage The first step in the home buying […]

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Things to Do When Buying a House in Florida

Posted by Lee Anderson // June 17, 2020

buying a house

One of the biggest decisions you can make is buying a house. You will want to be prepared as well as informed during every step of the process. Here are some of the most important steps. 1. Hire a Real Estate Agent It is possible when buying a house to do so without hiring a […]

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Buying a Florida Home: What You Should Know

Posted by Lee Anderson // June 3, 2020

buying a Florida home

Are you planning on buying a Florida home? Then you need to know about a few things, like: Current market conditions Home inspections HOA communities Insurance Closing costs and other associated fees Finding a good real estate agent you can trust is important since they can help fill you in on all of these topics. […]

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7 Tips for Buying a Florida Condo

Posted by Lee Anderson // May 20, 2020

Florida condo

Do you want to buy a home without the upkeep that comes with single-family homes? Buying a Florida condo might be the way for you to do that. You can also take advantage of shared amenities when living in a condo. Plus, building maintenance will also be taken care of by professional management. Condos aren’t […]

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