10 Landscaping Tips For the DIY Gardener

10 Landscaping Tips For the DIY Gardener

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landscapingLandscaping is a great way to beautify your yard and add amazing curb appeal. However, not everyone wants to hire a professional landscaper. Here are ten tips for those who wish to be a do-it-yourself gardener.

Think Year-Round

Curb appeal, ideally, should be a year-round event. When planning your landscaping, you need to think about all four seasons, making sure to provide a focal point for each. This can be flowering trees, plants, greenery, or structures.

Layers, Not Single Rows

Flower borders look best when layered into three rows. The back row should have the tallest plants, and the front row should have the shortest plants. To make your yard unified, use some of these same border garden plants in other areas throughout your yard.


A tip that some people forget is to include evergreen trees, shrubs, and plants. Evergreens provide beautiful foliage all year long and create landscaping continuity.

Annuals and Perennials

Perennials are a great way to add color to your flower beds. However, they tend to bloom for short periods of time. By adding annuals, you can add continuous color to your landscaping. Be sure to consider color schemes. You want to be sure that the colors of both annuals and perennials go together as well as compliment your home.

Add Hardscape Features

Hardscape features help your landscaping have structure. These include things such as walls, fences, decks, arbors, and patios. These features will make your landscaping look more finished.

Add Water Features

Your landscaping plan should include focal points – something to draw the eye. A great focal point is a water feature. Not only do they look pretty, but they sound beautiful as well. Even do-it-yourself gardeners can add water features to their landscaping plans. Consider adding a pond or a simple fountain.

Think About Textures

When choosing plants, you should think about more than colors. You should also consider the texture of the leaves and the patterns the leaves form. You can make your yard more diverse with a variety of plants that add form and texture.

Consider Low Maintenance Landscaping

Landscaping projects are more than just picking the right plants and hardscape features. You will also need to consider the ongoing maintenance involved. If you do not weed and trim when needed, your landscaping will not enhance your curb appeal but detract from it. That’s why, when planning your project, you should also consider its maintenance. If you don’t care much for yard work, you should definitely look into low-maintenance landscaping designs.

Use Drought-Resistant Plants

The Florida heat is known for wilting plants, even those that look beautiful in the spring. If you select drought-resistant plants, you can have nice looking plants throughout the growing season. Your local nursery can help you determine which drought-tolerant plants will grow well in your area.

Choose the Right Plants

Be sure that the plants you choose to go into any given area match all other plants chosen. This is in terms of color and size, as well as light and soil requirements.

By following these ten landscaping tips, you’ll be able to improve your home’s curb appeal without the added cost of hiring a professional. For more Florida gardening tips, give us a call. We’d love to help you beautify your yard.

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