It’s Easy to Add Curb Appeal

It’s Easy to Add Curb Appeal

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curb appealYou never get a second chance to make a first impression. That is why it is so important to make a good first impression to potential buyers when selling your home. If your home’s curb appeal makes the right statement, selling your home becomes easier. Here are some simple things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Front Porch Light

The first encounter a home buyer has with your home is while standing on the front porch as a real estate agent unlocks the front door. That’s why the front porch should be pristine. This includes cleaning the light fixture overhead. No one wants to look up and see spider webs. Nor do they want to see a dull or rusty fixture. Either polish your light fixture or get a new one to make your entrance bright.

Welcome Mat

But the light is not the only thing you need to change on your front porch. You’ll also want a fresh and welcoming mat at the front door. While you are at it, consider adding fresh house numbers, a new doorbell, and fresh door hardware. Keep in mind that the buyer lingers on your front porch and begins making an impression about your home before ever stepping inside.

Front Door Appeal

Finally, consider painting your front door to make it look fresh and appealing. If your door has windows or you have a storm door, be sure these are spotless and free of stickers or window-clings.

Add Curb Appeal With Flowers

A colorful yard is cheerful and attractive. Guide potential buyers’ eyes around your home with strategically placed flowers. Make sure the flowers compliment your home’s exterior color.


A new mailbox and really add to the curb appeal of a home. If your mailbox is old, rusty, or just looks dingy, consider replacing it. Be sure that your mailbox matches the feel of your home’s entryway. Also, be sure that you choose a mailbox that meets local regulations.

Finish Outside Repairs

If you are in the middle of an outdoor project, be sure it is completed before showing your house. Buyers do not want to be greeted with a half-finished deck or a partially painted fence.

Remove Eyesores From View

Every house needs a hose and trash cans. However, these ‘must have’ items do not add to the curb appeal of a home. Other eyesores include:

  • Gray electrical boxes
  • AC system
  • Children’s toys
  • Outdoor furniture in disrepair
  • Pet toys

Do what you can to camouflage these items with fencing, plants, or paint or remove them to another location.

Create Clean Edges

An easy way to add curb appeal is to edge gardens, driveways, and sidewalks. A nicely lined lawn looks clean and appealing. While considering the garden areas, also consider adding fresh mulch and trimming bushes and trees.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door

Your garage door makes up a large piece of your exterior view, especially if it is on the front of your home. Be sure to clean it thoroughly and remove any spider webs. Fix dents and scrapes, and, if possible, apply a new coat of paint.

By following these simple tips, you’ll improve your curb appeal and improve your chances of selling your home faster and for more money. For more ideas on enhancing your curb appeal, give us a call.

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