4 Tips for Home Selling in Autumn

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 13, 2019

home selling in autumn

The winter months have traditionally been the hardest in the real estate world. They recorded the lowest home sales for years. All of winter is generally a dull period for sellers. However, things have slowly been changing, making home selling in autumn something to consider. Sellers have been setting lower prices for their homes since […]

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November: 4 Reasons This is The Best Month To Sell Your Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 6, 2019


Homeowners sometimes don’t want to put their homes on the market between Halloween and New Year’s Day. They seem to believe that November, which starts the holiday season, is an off-peak time to sell. This idea is because of some outdated historical trends. Several studies, in fact, have shown that homes listed during this time […]

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The Best Home Renovation Projects to Consider

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 30, 2019

home renovation

Home improvements don’t all have the same return on investment (ROI). Doing the best home renovation projects can add to your home’s: Comfort Looks Security Value Marketability The wrong ones do the opposite. Location is a big factor in what would be the best home improvement project for you. For example, pools bring in a […]

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5 Living Room Remodels Worth the Cost

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 23, 2019

living room

You will adore having a remodeled living room. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large-scale project or only a do-it-yourself thing. You’ll love it even more when it’s time to sell your home. Living room projects have a high return on investment (ROI). Here are a few living room remodel ideas that are sure to […]

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Attic Conversion: Is It Possible to Add Another Bedroom?

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 16, 2019

attic conversion

Do you need space for a new bedroom or master suite? Try looking up. Your attic could be exactly what you need.  It will need to pass some important tests for structural adequacy and comfort, however, before you can finish it. Keep reading to find out how to determine if your home is a good […]

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Bedroom Addition: Does This Add Value to a Home?  

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 9, 2019

bedroom addition

One of the biggest home improvement projects you can do is increase your home’s square footage with a bedroom addition. It also tends to be one of the most expensive. Most homeowners, unfortunately, find that adding a bedroom typically has a lower return on investment (ROI) than many other renovations. Moving to a larger home […]

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Is a Garage Conversion a Good Way to Gain Extra Space?  

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 2, 2019

garage conversion

Crowded homeowners get tend to get desperate when there isn’t much space. They start looking for ways to make space out of thin air. A garage conversion is a popular choice, especially in areas that are expensive and the neighbors are close. A converted garage is also a good way for homeowners to pay for […]

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The Costs of Selling a Florida Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 25, 2019

Are you considering selling a Florida home? Then you need to understand how much money it will cost to do so. Here are the usual fees for selling a Florida home. Commission Some agents and brokers do work on a flat fee basis, but a majority of them work on a commission. The commission will […]

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Three Things to Consider When Selling a Florida Home

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 18, 2019

Florida home

Selling your Florida home or condo is complicated. It doesn’t matter if you have outgrown a starter home or are downsizing an empty nest. The steps for selling a home are similar regardless of where you live. Florida’s real estate laws and practices, however, are, in some respects, unique. You should become familiar with the […]

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Sell Your Home in Florida: 7 Useful Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 11, 2019

sell your home

You’ve decided to sell your home, so what do you do now? You have plenty of options for things to do that you may not know about. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to sell your house. 1. Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent Almost 90% of people selling a house hire […]

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