Four Tips and Suggestions for Home Selling

Posted by Lee Anderson // December 5, 2018

home selling

You compete with all of the other homes for sale in your area when home selling. This means you need to help your house stand out to sell your home sooner and get the best price possible. To improve the marketability of your home and attract potential buyers, try using this four steps. 1. Select […]

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Pros and Cons of Converting Your Garage Into Living Space

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 28, 2018

converting your garage

Do you need more space and are considering a garage conversion? You aren’t alone. Homeowners looking for more space often look to the garage as a way to gain space without adding to a home’s footprint. Since a garage has no load-bearing walls, and the space is already present, it seems like a great way […]

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Everything You Need to Know To Remodel Your Closet

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 21, 2018

remodel your closet

Storage is a big issue for homebuyers. So, if you are thinking about selling your home, you might want to remodel your closet. In fact, the National Association of Realtors shows that 60% of buyers will pay $1350 more for a home that has a good walk-in master closet. Here are some tips for planning […]

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8 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 14, 2018

small bathroom

If you live in an older home, you are likely to have a small bathroom that is just big enough for a shower/tub, sink, and toilet. Although you could bust out walls to make the bathroom larger, there are some remodeling tips to help make your small bathroom feel larger without the cost of a […]

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7 Easy Luxurious Kitchen Updates

Posted by Lee Anderson // November 7, 2018

kitchen updates

You’ve likely heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That is why you should always look at your kitchen when making updates as you get ready to sell. However, kitchen updates, even those that look luxurious, don’t have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. Let’s look at seven luxurious […]

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Exterior Paint Maintenance Tips for Florida Homeowners

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 31, 2018

exterior paint

Painting your home’s exterior is costly. Not only will you spend a lot of money, but you will spend a lot of time on the project. That’s why it is so important to keep your exterior paint looking new for as long as possible. Here are some great maintenance tips for Florida homeowners to help. […]

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Keep Interior Paint Fresh With These Maintenance Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 24, 2018

interior paint

When you paint your home’s interior, you invest a lot of money and time. That’s why you’ll want to do what you can to help your interior paint stay fresh as long as possible. Here are some tips that will do just that. Look for Stains and Spots As you live in your home, stains […]

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October Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 17, 2018

october home maintenance

Last month, we gave you a home maintenance checklist for September. However, home maintenance is not something you do once a year. In fact, those that follow a maintenance schedule reap many benefits including lower utility bills, higher home valuation, and less expensive major repairs. Take a look at what we suggest for the October […]

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Exterior Home Maintenance Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 10, 2018

exterior home maintenance

When thinking of home maintenance, don’t forget the exterior of your home. It may seem a bit boring to you, but it will be worth it. That’s because regular exterior home maintenance will help you stop problems before they become expensive repairs. The best way to stay out of the “out of sight, out of […]

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The Importance of Home Maintenance

Posted by Lee Anderson // October 3, 2018

home maintenance

When you own a home, everything about home maintenance becomes your responsibility. When something stops working, there is no landlord to call. Therefore, it’s up to you to keep your home maintained and in good repair. Doing so is very important. Here’s why. Home Maintenance Equals Savings Maintaining your home saves money. You may wonder […]

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