How to Create a Home Inventory

How to Create a Home Inventory

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home inventoryCould you remember all your belongings if there was a hurricane or other disaster? An up-to-date home inventory can:

  • Help your insurance claim get settled faster
  • Verify any losses for your income tax return
  • Help you buy the right amount of insurance

This is how you can make one.

Start Your home Inventory Now

Creating a home inventory is pretty simple when you’re setting up a new household. The task might appear to be more daunting, however, if you’ve lived in the same house for years. Here are a few ways you can started here.

  • Start in an easy spot: A great place to get started is a contained area, such as a closet.
  • List any recent purchases: You can also start is with recent purchases. Once you get into the habit of keeping an inventory, you can go back through and get your older possessions.
  • Include all the basic information: Describe each item you record. This should include notes on where it was bought, its make and model, and what was paid for it. You should also have any other details that could be helpful if you have to file a claim.
  • Count clothing by general category: For example, “5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of sneakers…” Be sure to note of all items that are particularly
  • Record serial numbers: Serial numbers are a useful reference. On most major appliances and electronic equipment, they are found on the back or bottom.
  • Check big ticket item coverage: Your jewelry, art, and collectibles might have increased in value. They could need their own special coverage that is separate from your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Check with your agent while you’re making your home inventory list. You need to make sure know that you have insurance that is adequate for these items.
  • Don’t forget to include off-site items: Any items that you keep in a self-storage facility are also covered by your homeowners insurance. They need to be included in your inventory.
  • Keep proof of value: Keep any sales receipts, purchase contracts, and appraisals with your inventory.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed: Keep going once you’ve started your inventory, even if you can’t do it all right away. Having an incomplete inventory is better than having nothing at all.

 Use Technology to Make Your Home Inventory Easier

You can always just use a simple pencil and paper. Technology makes creating a home inventory much easier, though. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Take pictures: Have a photo record of your possessions. Take pictures of all important items individually. You should have some of entire rooms, closets, or drawers, as well. All your photos should be labelled with a detailed description.
  • Tape it: Videotape walking through your house or apartment . Describe all of the contents as you go from room to room.
  • Use an app: There are plenty of mobile app options. They can help you create and store a record of your belongings.

Keep Your Home Inventory Up-To-Date and Safely Stored

Your home inventory is only useful when it’s accurate. You will need to access it to provide information to your insurance company if there is a fire, theft, or other destructive disaster. Keep some backups, no matter the medium you’ve chosen, and store it in a safe place.

  • Add all significant purchases to your list: It should become a family thing to add receipts to your inventory while you still have the details in your mind.
  • Keep a paper copy of your inventory outside the home: Keep it, with other applicable receipts and appraisals, in a safe deposit box. You can even consider leaving it at a friend’s or relative’s house.
  • Backup digital files: Have an external drive or online storage account for a copy.
  • Understand your app: Make sure you input all the information and have them backed up by the app developer. Know how to access the information whenever you need it.

Having this information will help you if you ever experience a disaster. It will also help you purchase the correct amount of homeowners insurance. For more tips on creating a home inventory, give Affiliated Home Solutions a call. We’re here to help!

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