Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Make Your Dream Home a Reality

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dream homeThe idea of a beautiful home to call your own is one of the American dreams. However, the process of finding the right home can be a bit overwhelming. Here are four tips to make finding your dream home a bit easier.

1. Choose a Neighborhood

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a good neighborhood. Therefore, you need to narrow your choices. Do this by focusing on these key factors:

  • Your budget
  • Length of your commute
  • Schools in the area

You can talk with your friends and co-workers about their neighborhoods. It would be good to check out the shops and restaurants in any areas you’re looking at, too. It can give you better insight into the:

  • Feel of the place
  • Atmosphere of the community
  • People who live there

Also consider going back to the places you like at different times and days of the week. This will give you a sense of the traffic at rush hour and at night. You can also take a virtual tour of the neighborhood through Google Street View. Feel free to call us to learn of other online tools designed to help you find the best neighborhood for you.

2. Comparison Shop

The best way to begin your dream home search is to start looking on websites like and Zillow for homes in the neighborhoods identified in step one. On these sites, you can see what is available in that area. Be sure to filter out parts of your selected town that don’t have the style or size home you want in your price range. Finally, set up some alerts on these sites to automate the work.

Most of these search sites will show:

  • How long a listing has been on the market
  • If the price has been changed and how
  • Past sales
  • And more

This information helps you determine if a listing is overpriced or has been suffering on the market.

3. Time to Visit Your Dream Home

Always visit a variety of open houses. This will help you narrow down your preferences and get a better sense of the housing stock in the area. You might even gain some insight from the questions and comments made by other potential buyers.

Once you have a better idea of what you want, line up a few private showings. Private showings are great because you can take your time with a real estate agent without any of the pressure or distraction.

Here is a hint: Schedule a showing for your dream home during the week before the open house. Then, the open house can be your second visit.

During your tour you should:

  • Check the storage space
  • Check out the view
  • Consider what maintenance will be needed for the backyard
  • Ask many questions

Open houses are also a good way to meet real estate agents.

4. Find a Real Estate Broker

Although you can fine houses for sale by yourself, you will want a good broker to help guide you through the process of buying your dream home. The right agent can get you access to homes the moment they hit the market, long before the listing shows online.

One good way to find a realtor is to talk to people you know who have bought or sold recently in your area. You should look for a broker who has a track record working with buyers in your situation.

We work hard, at Affiliated Home Solutions, to help our clients find the best possible home. Call us today and we can make finding your dream home a reality.

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