Making Moving Less Stressful

Making Moving Less Stressful

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moving less stressfulThere are no two ways about it. Moving is stressful. You have to think about sorting and packing your belongings. Then there is changing your address in a variety of places. Plus all the scheduling for shutting off old utilities, getting new ones, and hiring a moving truck. But you don’t have to let moving cause you to fall apart. Here are some simple tips for making moving less stressful.

Tip #1: Realize That Stress is Normal

Remember, moving really is stressful. Once you accept that, you won’t feel as stressed because you’ll work through it instead. It seems that the harder we fight stress, the more it bothers us.

Plus, stress is not always a bad thing. It is just our body’s way of handling difficult things. Often, it helps you get moving and stay organized.

Tip #2: Don’t Rush the Move

When asked, homeowners that are moving say that the time constraints cause the most stress. You can make moving less stressful by giving yourself enough time to do what needs to be done. Most moving checklists suggest that you start your move at least eight weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to pack, find a good moving company, stop old utilities, start new ones, and clean up. The less time you have, the more stressed-out you will feel.

Tip #3: Do Small Things First

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s how to deal with a move as well. You can make moving less stressful by doing little things first. In fact, for those who feel paralyzed about the move, doing little things will help you feel accomplished. Focusing on one piece of the puzzle reduces stress. Here are some things to consider:

  • Pack one drawer in the kitchen
  • Put all the books from your bookcase in boxes
  • Box up one small closet

As you make progress, your stress will decrease. So, start eating your elephant!

Tip #4: Organization is Key

To make moving less stressful, you should stay organized. Some organizational tips include:

  • Sorting items from one room into boxes to make it easier to unpack
  • Labeling all boxes so movers know where to put them in the new house
  • Keep all moving documents in one place
  • Make and keep a schedule

By staying organized, you’ll find that moving is much easier. An easy move equals less stress.

Tip #5: Hire Professionals

If your budget allows, hire professional moves. Nothing makes moving less stressful than having someone else do the bulk of the work. Movers will:

  • Pack your belongings
  • Transport your belongings
  • Do the heavy-lifting on both ends of the move
  • Provide insurance in case of breakage

Having someone who knows how to pack that oddly shaped lamp and get it into your new home reduces stress. Just be sure that you hire a reputable company.

Tip #6: Ask for Help

Even if you can’t afford professional movers, you can ask for help from friends and family. Having someone to help you pack and keep you company always makes stress disappear. The best way to get the help you need is to ask far enough in advance that your helper can accommodate your needs. Don’t forget to show how thankful you are. Perhaps you can provide a pizza dinner when you are through.

Moving can be crazy, but there are things you can do to make moving less stressful. For more moving tips, give us a call. We can help you find a reputable moving or cleaning company as well. Happy packing!

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