Painting Your Home: Five Colors Buyers Love

Painting Your Home: Five Colors Buyers Love

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paintingIt’s time to prep your home for sale. Do you know the most important thing you can do to sell it faster and for more money? The answer is painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint! Of course, the standard advice is that the walls should be neutral, and most homeowners equate neutral with white. However, there is no need to make your walls a bland white. Instead, use some neutral colors that buyers love.

The Goal of Painting

The goal when painting your home is to create a space that buyers can imagine living in. Painting the walls helps by making the room:

  • Clean
  • Fresh
  • Inviting
  • Neutral enough that most anything matches

Be careful not to take this idea too far, however, making your home boring and lacking in style. Adding one of these five elegant yet neutral colors to your wall will create a crowd-pleasing reaction.


Gone are the days when gray was the color for institutional waiting rooms and elementary school restrooms. The right shade of gray is a perfect neutral for your home. But what makes a gray the right shade? Look for something that is:

  • Pale
  • Has a beige undertone
  • Cool
  • Sophisticated

Gray is a great option whether the room is larger or smaller.

Robin Egg Blue

The color turquoise is raging in popularity right now but is anything but neutral. However, robin egg blue is a great alternative. A blue of this shade is warm and sunny. Why blue? Blue is known to create a soothing feeling. Calm buyers always appreciate a home more.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, this blue will be a perfect fit. It’s the ideal choice for the living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, especially if in contrast to a more stark color in other areas of the house.


When thinking about neutral colors, most homeowners think light. However, sometimes a darker color can work in large rooms or on an accent wall. If you have beige or orange-hued furniture, charcoal walls make a great compliment.

Charcoal works best with modern, contemporary d├ęcor. It is especially fitting for homes with high ceilings.


Yellow, as long as it is golden and not neon can add a sunny effect to any home. Finding the right yellow is not difficult. Just look for one that:

  • Has a creamy undertone
  • Isn’t too bright
  • Is mellow

Yellow can add charm and warmth, especially in a room that has low light or a poor view. Kitchens look fabulous in yellow when paired with white or stainless steel appliances. Another great thing about yellow is that it works well with other colors including most wood tones and pastels.


Navy is another color often overlooked when thinking about a neutral palette. However, navy can add a hint of sophistication and drama to a room. Although neutral, be careful to use this dark color in rooms with lots of natural light or as an accent wall.

If using navy with another color, choose pale shades like:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Beige

Adding white furniture to the room will create a contrast and depth that can make the room look larger. This is always a plus when selling a home.

As you begin to think about preparing your home for sale, consider the many neutral options you have for your walls. If you’d like recommendations for a good local painter or want to discuss your home’s sale, feel free to give us a call.

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