Understanding the Home Selling Process

Posted by Lee Anderson // September 4, 2019

home selling

Selling a home can easily become draining. You have to get your home ready for selling and move. Plus, you also have the emotional side of leaving your home to deal with, along with all of the memories.  Understanding the process of home selling, however, is half the battle. Here are thirteen basic steps of […]

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9 Inexpensive Kitchen Updates Anyone Can Manage

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 28, 2019

kitchen updates

You might not be able to do a full kitchen renovation if you’re short on money or time, even if it’s a small one. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change what you have. Here are nine kitchen updates that don’t require renovations. 1. Line the Backs of Cabinets You can easily add a bit […]

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Tips for Adding Living Room Artwork

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 21, 2019

living room artwork

Living rooms need art to be truly complete. What different people consider art, however, varies from one person to the next. Most people will agree that a room isn’t complete without something on the walls. Here are some tips for adding living room artwork to your home. Types of Living Room Artwork Your wall art […]

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10 Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 14, 2019

home decor

You can make a huge impact to your home decor with just some small changes. It can be something as simple as switching the furniture around or changing up your artwork display. Here are 10 tips to quickly make your home look new. 1. Get Creative with Framing You can make a collection of framed […]

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Easy and Affordable Florida Landscaping Tips

Posted by Lee Anderson // August 7, 2019

Florida landscaping

Your new home has beautiful Florida landscaping, but you can make it stand out by adding your own curb appeal. You don’t even have to have a green thumb if you use plants that are Florida-friendly. Here are ten Florida landscaping tips that are both easy and affordable. 1. Skip the Fertilizer Rain can wash […]

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6 Steps Leading to Your Home Closing

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 31, 2019

home closing

You have set in motion the process that will finally get you your house once your bid is accepted. You are probably eager to move in, but it is in your best interest to make sure the home you get is in good condition and at a good price. Here are six steps to lead […]

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Making An Offer: Things You Need to Know

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 24, 2019

making an offer

Have you gotten goosebumps when you walked into an open house? Have you found the home of your dreams? Have you looked at the pros and cons of multiple homes and finally decided on one? The next steps you take are critical, no matter how you picked the house. Here are the things about making […]

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Buy a Home: Three Steps for Getting Your Finances in Order

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 17, 2019

buy a home

You have decided to buy a home. However, don’t jump straight into open houses and looking at real estate agents just yet. First, you have to take some time to get your finances in order. This will be very helpful when you are applying for a mortgage. It will also give you some financial perspective […]

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Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 10, 2019

dream home

The idea of a beautiful home to call your own is one of the American dreams. However, the process of finding the right home can be a bit overwhelming. Here are four tips to make finding your dream home a bit easier. 1. Choose a Neighborhood Everyone has a different idea of what makes a […]

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Should I Become a Homeowner?

Posted by Lee Anderson // July 3, 2019

become a homeowner

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver; License: CC 2.0 Before you talk to a real estate agent about buying your first home, it’s important to consider whether becoming a homeowner is right for you. To become a homeowner, first, you need to think about renting vs buying. Then, if buying seems like the right move, you will have […]

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